7+ Best OnePlus 10T Back Covers in 2023

best oneplus 10t back cover

Cases are not just a simple means of protection nowadays. They also need to be aesthetically pleasing and give a sense of premium feel in hand.

And searching around the web to suit these needs could be tiresome.

To make it easier for you, we have found some of the Best OnePlus 10T Back Cover and Cases that would suit your budget while your phone is well-protected as well as give a new look to your phone.

Cases are as important as buying tempered glass to protect your OnePlus 10T, so here is a list of the best cases for the 10T

Best OnePlus 10T Back Cover

1. OnePlus 10T Back Cover with Camera Protection

oneplus 10t back cover with camera protection

If you have been eyeing to get a OnePlus 10T Back Cover with Camera Protection, the case from Zapcase could be the one you are looking for.

This is an edge-to-edge protected case that uses a soft silicone TPU, made of high-grade TPU material.

This will not only give you a nice feel in hand but protect your phone from any major drops.

The back finish is rather unique and different from other cases in this list.

The pill-shaped aesthetic look gives it a really nice look and can play well to grip your phone falling off any slippery surfaces

Speaking of grips, Zapcase provides a well-textured finish on the sides of the phone case. Helping you to hold your phone more firmly.

It has precise cut-outs for all ports, good tactile buttons for power and volume buttons, and a raised edge around the camera setup for more protection.

Unlike other bulky cases for the OnePlus 10T, this weighs just 35gm which doesn’t make your overall device too heavy after the case is put on

The bonus is a number of colors to choose from, including Black, Red, Dark Green, Lavender, Plum, and Sapphire

2. Transparent OnePlus 10T Back Cover

oneplus 10t back cover

A lot of us are looking to get a case that not only protects our phone but keeps the premium look open for everyone to see.

This is why the TheGiftKart Transparent case is one of the best covers for the OnePlus 10T which comes with a protective clear back and covers all the sides of the phone with Soft TPU materials

This is still a nice OnePlus 10T Silicone Case that provides good protection for your phone including the cameras

The raised lip for camera protection relieves you from any worry about your OnePlus 10T lens getting damaged.

The corners also come with double-injected shockproof corners, giving an extra layer of protection if fallen at the edges.

This is a pretty good case by GiftKart at an affordable price. You can pick this in two different colors: Black and Green

oneplus 10t back cover stylish

OnePlus 10T Back Cover stylish is not a dream anymore, as Riggear brings some of the most aesthetically pleasing covers for you

Unlike other cases, Riggear uses a TPU and Polycarbonate to make their cases. And to give that beautiful look, it’s covered by skins.

They offer over 7 different skin options, including Black Camo, Black Hive, Black Leather, Blue Hive, Calf Leather, Red CF, and Red Leather

Riggear provides some extra skins for you, including skins to place over your phone’s camera lenses as well as a OnePlus logo.

The use of TPU and PC gives you a good grip as well as ultimate protection from drops due to shockproof corners.

It also has Raised Edge for both screen and camera protection.

Unlike Hard cases which can scratch the back glass of your OnePlus 9RT, the Rigger Case has a Micro-Fiber cloth inside the case to avoid the phone from getting any kind of micro scratches

Out of the colors, I personally love the Black Camo and the Blue Hive. But as stated above, you can pick from a variety of choices

oneplus 10t silicone case

Looking for the best OnePlus 10T Silicone Case? Realcase brings their protective liquid silicone case for a perfect fit

It comes with Anti-Scratch Back, making it easier to the touch while protecting from any kind of major scratches

It has precise cut-outs for all ports, button protection for power and volume buttons, and a raised edge around the camera setup for more protection.

It also has Raised Edge for both screen and camera protection.

Unlike Hard cases which can scratch the back glass of your OnePlus 9RT, the Realcase has a scratch-preventing microfiber lining inside the case to avoid the phone from getting any kind of micro scratches

The case weighs only 30g and is one of the lightest cases in this list for the OnePlus 10T

So if you are looking for a simple and lightweight case, you should definitely consider this.

To suit your taste, you also get three different color options including black, blue, and midnight green

5. OnePlus 10T Back Cover Original

oneplus 10t back cover original

If you are a person who wants to rock a OnePlus 10T back cover originals, then the Glacier mat Case from OnePlus will be the choice for you

OnePlus cases have been pretty good in terms of quality and this one is no exception.

Showcasing a newly designed look with grey and red colors, the phone uses Polycarbonate + PET + Glacier Mat materials

I would have loved it if they had covered the phone completely, including the sides.

OnePlus claims that the design makes it better for 5G signals and Heat dissipation. This will ensure your phone remains cool during your hot gaming sessions or heavy usage.

The phone is fairly lightweight at 30gm and gives a perfect fit for your phone.

The bumper case is a little on the expensive side. But if you are looking for the best original case from OnePlus, you would be happy with the OnePlus 10T 5G Glacier Mat Case

6. Best OnePlus 10T Military Armour Back Case

best oneplus 10t armour case

If you have been eyeing the ultimate protection while keeping it budget-friendly, the CEDO Military Armour Bumper Case is for you.

With the first look itself, it’s going to feel tough, well built, and have a premium finish when held

It also features extra sets of tools in-built including a ring holder and a kickstand which I feel is a pretty good addition and very handy in your day-to-day usage.

So you can use the ring to hold your phone as well as easily place it on any surface tilted while watching your favorite shows

The case goes a step ahead and also gives you a pre-installed metal plate inside the case which makes it compatible with any of the Magnetic Car Holders of your Car.

This is definitely a highly recommended case for the ultimate protection at an aggressive price

7. OnePlus 10T Soft Fabric & Leather Hybrid Protective Case

oneplus 10t back case

We all have used plastic and armor cases for our phones, but if you are looking for something which not only looks different but also feels different

Protective Hybrid Case by Kapa could be the choice for you. Made with Soft Fabric and Leather combination, this case looks and feels different from any of the cases listed in this article

The soft fabric covers most part of the back panel, which gets PU leather at the bottom of the back case

The case gives 360 protection including precise cutouts for the camera lens and ports. The power button and volume button also feature tactile-covered buttons.

As mentioned above, the camera lenses are given cutouts while the area around them is covered with plastic.

This is a nice touch unlike other cases which give a big square cutout for the case, including the original OnePlus 10T case

The case also features 3 different color combinations including: Black & Blue, Black & Brown, and Brown.

8. OnePlus 10T 5G Flip Back Cover

oneplus 10t flip case

A lot of times our front screen is exposed to dust, water, and even scratches from car keys. Unless you have a nice screen protector for your OnePlus 10T

Thus, Flip cases are great protection for not only the back of your phone but even the front side. (I would still suggest using a screen protector to avoid scratches from your own fingers too)

The Flip cover from The Cubix is a great option if you are looking for some premium leather flip cases

The leather used for the case definitely looks better than any cheap flip cases I have across for the OnePlus 10T

It also comes with Inbuilt Pockets & Stands which is a very useful space to keep your cards, bills, or even a small amount of money

The Inbuilt Stand Provides you with a Handsfree Experience while watching any Movie or Video Content.

It uses magnets to lock your device in order to give you 360-degree protection for your phone.

To suit your taste, you can get three color options: Black, Forest Green, and Navy Blue


Cases and Covers are one of the most important things to keep our smartphones well protected while giving you a premium feel.

Everyone has their own priorities when they are looking to get a case for their phone. In the above article, we have gathered some of the best OnePlus 10T Back Cover that you can buy in 2023

We have recommended based on different styles, usability, and protection levels and even to keep your OnePlus 10T’s premium looks

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