10+ Best OnePlus Nord 2 Back Cover to Buy in 2022

best oneplus nord 2 case cover

Are You Looking for the Best OnePlus Nord 2 Back Cover and Cases which suit your budget and gives a sense of premium feel?

In this article, we have gathered some of the best cases for OnePlus Nord 2 that you can grab in 2022 and give a new look to your Nord 2.

A good case not only gives a sense of satisfaction of being protected from any kind of external damages but also gives a whole new look and feel.

Cases are as important as buying tempered glass to protect your OnePlus Nord 2, so here is a list of the best cases for Nord 2

Best OnePlus Nord 2 Back Cover

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid OnePlus Nord 2 Case Cover

oneplus nord 2 best case in 2022

We have been waiting for Spigen to make a dedicated case for the OnePlus Nord 2 lineup, and it’s finally here. I can already say that this is one of the Best OnePlus Nord 2 Cases in 2022

This particular one features a transparent case with complete protection around the phone as well as the camera bump. So you can show off your beautiful back panel without compromising protection for your OnePlus Nord 2

Spigen says it uses an Air Cushion technology which helps in Shock Absorption, something we saw in other Spigen iPhone Cases

It has a precise cut-out for all your ports and the signature OnePlus Alert Slider. It actually covers the volume buttons but has a very impressive tactile feedback whenever you press on it

The case isn’t as light as others, but the added weight ensures that you are using a premium case for your phone, which weighs just 60g

The only con I feel would be the price, which is on the higher side. But I have always felt that if you want the best for your premium OnePlus Nord 2 device, you should do a one-time investment in a really good case like this one.

2. Best Spigen OnePlus Nord 2 Case Cover (Our Top Pick)

oneplus nord 2 case spigen

Not everyone wants to spend almost Rs 2000 on a case, but still want a pretty good cover which not only looks premium but keeps your phone well protected from every break and falls.

If you have been looking for such a case, Spigen Rugged Armor Case is one to look at.

Featuring A tailor-made premium TPU case with a carbon look on the top and below of the case. It has an Anti-slip matte surface which ensures that you have a fingerprint resistance experience while giving a comfortable grip

Like the previous Spigen case, it also features the Air Cushion technology which should protect the phone against drops, scratches, and accidental falls

I really love the fact that Spigen puts little details in the case which makes it look amazing and feels amazing as well.

It has a textured finish beside the phone to help you give a better grip, precise cut-outs for the ports, microphone, alert slider, and really nice tactile buttons for your power button as well as volume buttons.

This case weighs half of the previous Spigen case, at just 30g. So super lightweight for your OnePlus Nord 2

If you have got the budget, you should definitely consider the Spigen Armour Case for your OnePlus Nord 2 in 2022

3. CEDO Back Cover Case for OnePlus Nord 2 5G

best oneplus nord 2 cover

The CEDO Case for OnePlus Nord 2 comes with a matte translucent back cover with a Silicone frame around the phone.

The case is shockproof and gives drop protection. It also has a raised edge for your camera bump.

It also features a precise cutout for your ports, camera, flash, for your power and volume buttons

It also adds an extra color accent to the case buttons which is a good touch to the overall aesthetics. (Makes me remember of the pixel devices)

So you can pick up this case in three different colors including smoke green with orange accents, smoke black with red accents and smoke blue with neon accents

4. OnePlus Nord 2 Back Cover Original

oneplus nord 2 case with logo

OnePlus Nord 2 Sandstone Bumper Case is the official case from OnePlus themselves. OnePlus cases have been pretty good in terms of quality and this one is no exception.

OnePlus says that this case is made from eco-friendly and 100% compostable plant-based biopolymer material

The case features a grainy matte finish which has given it a unique look from the cases we have seen earlier for the OnePlus smartphones. Unlike others, this is a OnePlus Nord 2 back cover with logo on its back.

A pretty good choice if you own the Grey Sierra OnePlus Nord 2

It has precise cutouts all around the phone which won’t compromise the overall look of the phone.

5. OnePlus Nord 2 5G Flip Back Cover

best oneplus nord 2 flip cover

An open case isn’t everyone’s style and having a flip case can protect your phone from accidental damages to your screen, avoid scratches and be dustproof.

The Flip cover from The Gift kart is a great option at a budget-friendly price which has few extra features for your OnePlus Nord 2

It comes with Inbuilt Pockets & Stands which is a very useful space to keep your cards, bills, or even a small amount of money

The Inbuilt Stand Provides you a Handsfree Experience while watching any Movie or Video Content.

It uses magnets to lock your device in order to give you 360-degree protection for your phone.

Unlike others, this will give you three color options: Black, Blue, and Brown to suit your taste

6. Best OnePlus Nord 2 Armor Back Case

oneplus nord 2 armour case

If you have been eyeing the ultimate protection while keeping it budget-friendly, the GiftKart Tough Armor Bumper Case is for you.

With the first look itself, it’s going to feel tough, well built, and a premium finish when held

It also features extra sets of tools in-built including a ring holder and a stand which I feel is a pretty good addition and very handy in your day-to-day usage.

The case goes a step ahead and also gives you a pre-installed metal plate inside the case which makes it compatible with any of the Magnetic Car Holders of your Car.

This is definitely a highly recommended case for the ultimate protection at an aggressive price

7. OnePlus Nord 2 Rugged Back Case

best oneplus nord 2 cover

This is another great case for users who are looking for the ultimate protection for their phone without having any fancy ring holders and more, like the one from GiftKart

The case has a non-slip texture on the sides which gives an extra grip and won’t fall off easily from your hands

As for the cut-outs, Kapaver has made sure to give accurate cuts and space for all your buttons and even cut-outs for your speaker grill. Something you don’t see in a lot of cases

The back cover is made of plastic and is quite lightweight at just 50g.

Overall, it’s a well-designed case that will aid against accidental drops, bumps, and even gives scratches for improved protection

8. Winble Back Case Cover for OnePlus Nord 2

oneplus nord 2 phone cover

If you are not looking for a bulky armored case, and want something which is lightweight, easy to fit, and feel good when you hold your device, then Winble Back Case has got you covered

This is a silicone case that uses a soft material at the inner side of the case, to avoid any kind of scratches to your phone

And as it’s a silicone case, it’s flexible and made from high-Quality Polycarbonate and Rubber Material. Hence, it’s easy to install and remove from your mobile with your hands.

The Matte finish on the backside of the case gives a smooth feel to hands.

As for color options, there are 5 different colors to choose from including Blue, Black, Red, Green, and Grey

9. Transparent OnePlus Nord 2 Case Cover

oneplus nord 2 case cover

A lot of us are looking to get a case which not only protects our phone but keeps the premium look open for everyone to see.

This is why the TheGiftKart Transparent case is one of the best covers for the OnePlus Nord 2 which comes with a Hard Glossy Tempered Glass and covers all the sides of the phone with Soft TPU materials

The case has also provided a raised camera protection as we all know the OnePlus Nord’s 2 camera bump could be a thing to worry about.

The Overall case won’t make you feel any kind of bulkiness and keep it lightweight in your hands at just 21g (weight of the case)

I do wish that the buttons were a bit more tactile and clickable like we have seen in cases from Spigen. But the precise cut-out for the alert slider is a good addition.

10. Designer OnePlus Nord 2 Phone Cover

oneplus nord 2 hard case

A designer case is one of the most popular cases in 2022

While you can find a ton of them, this is one such case that comes with a cute design that is printed on the backside of the cover for the OnePlus Nord 2

This is a silicone case that will ensure a soft hold of your phone. I would have personally liked to see the printed color case to cover all the sides of the phone, but the side of the printed case comes with a transparent design that will show and give you access to all your buttons

11. Best OnePlus Nord 2 Back Cover (Matte Finish)

best oneplus nord 2 case

If you are a fan of matte finish cases like I am, the amozo matte finish cases are the ones to choose

The case uses a silicone material that includes a suede soft fabric at the inner side of the case to protect your phone from scratches.

It has precise cut-outs for your speakers, ports, and alert slider. Even the camera is covered at all sides, leaving the camera and flash cut-outs.

The case also claims to feature an Anti-fingerprint coating which basically means that it won’t show up greasy fingerprints or even show scratch marks after prolonged usage.

It also comes with a nice cut-out on the bottom right where you can tie any kind of strap to carry your phone.

If you were looking for a matte finish, this one is to go for. Comes in four colors to choose from Black, Blue, Green, and Grey

12. OnePlus Nord 2 5G Quantum Bumper Case Doodle Chaos

oneplus nord 2 back cover original

This is the latest edition of cases from OnePlus themselves.

With every launch, we have seen the OnePlus launch an exclusive case for its phone. This one is rather unique, called the Quantum Bumper Case Doodle Chaos

As the case is from OnePlus, you can be assured about its high quality and made well for your OnePlus Nord 2

The material used is a TPU+PET, which is a combination of silicone and polycarbonate material

At just 66g, the case won’t make your phone feel bulky and give you a great in-hand feel.

The price is the only thing which seems to be on a higher side. But as it’s OnePlus, we expect such cases to be over the Rs 1000 price tag. If you want a cheaper choice from OnePlus, check the Sandstone bumper case we discussed above.

But if you can pay the price, you will be carrying around the most unique cases which are bound to catch everyone’s eye.

13. Printed OnePlus Nord 2 Hard Case

best oneplus nord 2 designer cover

This is another designer case for OnePlus Nord 2, which wants a “doodle design” at an affordable rate. Basically an alternative to the OnePlus Quantum Bumper Case Doodle Chaos

This is a hard plastic case, which has different designs embedded in it.

Ndcom claims to have it scratch-proof coated for long-lasting durability. But suggest you never keep your keys or coins in the same pocket, as this phone.

Ndcom actually brings a lot of choice in hand in terms of designs and color options. I really loved this doodle case and the Military Camouflage case from them.

If you want a full list of the OnePlus Nord 2 cases from them, check it from here


Cases and Covers are one of the most important thing to keep our smartphones well protected while giving you a premium feel.

Everyone has their own priorities when they are looking to get a case for their phone. In the above article, we have gathered some of the best OnePlus Nord 2 Back Cases that you can buy in 2022

We have recommended based on different styles, usability, protection levels and even to keep your OnePlus Nord 2’s premium looks

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