10+ Best OnePlus Nord N10 5G Case to Buy in 2021

best oneplus nord n10 5g case

Are You Looking for the Best OnePlus Nord N10 5G Case & Cover which suits your budget and gives a sense of premium feel?

In this article, we have gathered some of the best cases for OnePlus Nord N10 that you can grab in 2021 and give a new look to your Nord N10.

A good case not only gives a sense of satisfaction of being protected from any kind of external damages but also gives a whole new look and feel.

Cases are as important as buying tempered glass to protect your OnePlus Nord N10, so here is a list of the best cases for Nord N10

Best OnePlus Nord N10 Back Cover

1. Xundd Case for OnePlus Nord N10 5G

best oneplus nord n10 5g case

The Xundd Case for OnePlus Nord N10 comes with a transparent back and a soft TPU bumper frame around the phone, which gives it a 360-degree protection

This case is also tested by SGS which is certified to survive even if it falls from a height of 5Ft to hard ground. (Certified Military Grade Anti-Drop Case)

The distinct power and volume key button color gives a nice touch.

It also features a precise cutout for your ports, camera, and rear fingerprint scanner

I really like the fact that the case has dedicated camera protection to avoid any damage to your raised camera module of Nord N10

The front also gets protection from the 0.8mm raised screen bezel of the case

You can pick up this case in two different colors in Blue and Black

So if you are looking for a case with really good protection, show off your OnePlus back panel while keeping a 360 protection, you should consider this case.

2. Designer Case For OnePlus Nord N10

oneplus nord n10 5g case clear

A lot of us love to choose a custom design cover for our phone rather than a simple looking case

Telaso OnePlus Nord N10 5G Case is a beautiful designer case with a sunflower floral design on the rear panel

This is a TPU case which not only protects your phone but is lightweight and won’t add extra weight to your phone

The case features a precise cutout for your camera module and fingerprint scanner, which includes a raised lip to protect the front display and camera module from accidental falls

This isn’t the best protective case in the market. But if you want something unique which looks beautiful in your hands, you should check this case out

3. OnePlus Nord N10 5G Flip Back Cover

oneplus nord n10 5g flip cover

An open case isn’t everyone’s style and having a flip case can protect your phone from accidental damages to your screen, avoid scratches and be dustproof.

The Flip cover from Suanpot is a great option at a budget-friendly price which has few extra features for your OnePlus Nord N10

It comes with Inbuilt Pockets & Stands which is a very useful space to keep your cards, bills, or even a small amount of money

The Inbuilt Stand Provides you a Handsfree Experience while watching any Movie or Video Content.

It uses magnets to lock your device in order to give you 360-degree protection for your phone.

Unlike others, this will give you nine color options: Black, Blue, Blue-Green, Gray, Light Brown, Purple, Red, Rose Gold, and Wine Red to suit your taste

So definitely, a color for everyone!

4. Best OnePlus Nord N10 Armor Back Case

best armoud case for oneplus nord n10 5g

If you have been eyeing the ultimate protection while keeping it budget-friendly, the Anccer Armour Case is for you.

With the first look itself, it’s going to feel tough, well built, and a premium finish when held

It also features extra sets of tools in-built like a stand which I feel is a pretty good addition and very handy in your day-to-day usage.

You can use the stand to keep your phone in both landscape and portrait mode

The case goes a step ahead and also gives you a pre-installed metal plate inside the case which makes it compatible with any of the Magnetic Car Holders of your Car.

And like I said, this is a military-grade drop-tested case.

So if you are out on rough terrain or you are really clumsy with your phone, this case would be a suitable pick for you

5. OnePlus Nord N10 5G Case with Built-in Screen Protector

oneplus nord n10 waterproof case

If the above case seemed too aggressive, the Poetic Revolution Case for OnePlus Nord N10 could be a suitable pick for you

This case is also military-grade drop-tested which features a rugged back panel with precise cut-outs for the fingerprint scanner and camera module

The buttons seem tactile and shouldn’t be a problem if you use them with dirty hands.

The reason why the case gives you even extra protection is due to an extra built-in screen protector. This also plays as a OnePlus Nord n10 Waterproof case. But I would still keep it away from any major water drops

So now your phone is not only protected from the rear but it’s well-protected on the front side. I love the fact that they didn’t miss on giving cutouts for the front camera as well as for the speakers

And of course, if you don’t want to use the tempered glass of this case, you can keep it aside and you can always have your own tempered glass

It also features an in-built stand to keep your phone steady on a flat surface to watch your favorite movies

You can pick this case in three different colors including Black, Blue, and Red

6. Oneplus Nord N10 5g Protective Case

nord n10 5g case

If you are not looking for a bulky armored case, and want something which is lightweight, easy to fit, and feel good when you hold your device, then Anccer Back Case has got you covered

It’s a silicone case that is flexible and made from high-Quality Polycarbonate and Rubber Material. Hence, it’s easy to install and remove from your mobile with your hands.

The Matte finish on the backside of the case gives a smooth feel to hands.

You will find precise cut-outs for OnePlus Nord CE’s ports, speakers, and fingerprint scanner.

As for color options, there are 4 different colors to choose from including Blue, Pink, Green, and Black

7. StartShop Flip Back Cover For OnePlus Nord N10 5G

oneplus nord n10 5g protective case

This is another recommendation for users looking for a flip case to protect their OnePlus Nord CE on both sides.

StarShop is built with high-quality PU leather and flexible TPU. The case looks quite impressive in its Black Color.

But you do have the option to pick it up in 2 other colors: Brown & Pink

The case also features things like Inbuilt Pockets which I believe is a very useful feature to keep all your cards, bills, or even a small amount of money. And of course, the Inbuilt Stand is an added advantage in a flip case

Unlike others, Starshop is including a free Tempered Glass Protector with this case. So you save few extra bucks in getting a tempered glass for your phone.

8. Spigen Rugged Case For Nord N10

best spigen oneplus nord n10 5g case

I think Spigen cases are one of my favorite brands in phone cases due to the high-quality material and lightweight cases they make.

The case is made of a flexible TPU case with an interior spider-web pattern & Raised lip to protects the screen

The cut-outs for all ports are well made. The case has a really good tactile button, one of the best in my opinion.

It features a textured finish around the phone case which also gives a really good grip to hold the phone with the case on.

You can be assured to be protected from any kind of accidental drops and water spills on the case.

My only wish would be to get more color options for this case. It features only in Matte Black which would be something you must be looking for.

If yes, definitely check this case out

9. Designer OnePlus Nord N10 5G Case with Phone Holder

oneplus nord n10 5g waterproof case

if you are in the store to get a Designer Case + Tempered Glass + Matching Foldable Phone Holder, This case from AMPURSQ has got you covered

This is one such case that comes with a cute floral design that is printed on the backside of the cover for the OnePlus Nord N10

The case is made of Polycarbonate & Thermoplastic Polyurethane material which is basically Silicone material.

The included accessories like tempered glass and floral designed phone holder and stand is a really good touch

This isn’t the best case to get that extra protection. But it does the job while looking cool.

10. Best OnePlus Nord N10 Fabric Case

oneplus nord n10 5g fabric case

These Fabric cases remind me of Google Pixel 4a’s fabric cases which looked quite unique, were lightweight, and had a nice texture to hold your phone.

Kwmobile brings the same features and fabric case option for Nord N10.

It is made of durable and resistant fabric for a classic and lightweight slim-looking finish.

The ultimate aim of having a fabric case is to get a non-slip grip as well as to avoid much dirt, which otherwise is possible with regular clear TPU cases.

It comes in two colors: green and dark grey. I personally think the dark grey would the pick if you are looking for a long term usage of the case

11. Osopher OnePlus Nord N10 Case

oneplus nord n10 5g armour case

We had previously covered two armor and rugged cases for OnePlus Nord N10. But if you are looking for the ultimate protection with the flexibility of customization, this case might interest you.

Made with soft TPU and a hard shell frame for drop and scratch protection, this packs two cases in one.

This basically means that the case has two attachments that you can use separately or together. The inner case can be customized with the available colors: Black, Blue, Orange, Purple, and Red. While the outer shell comes with a black finish

The outer shell comes with all your important accessories including a nice stand a rugged texture.

So when you are not looking to use the accessories or want to keep your phone a little lightweight, you can just use the inner case. You want those extra accessories and stand, slap it on the back and you are good to go.

You can get extra colors for this case to give a new look every week or according to your style

12. Osopher Protective Case For OnePlus Nord N10 5G

oneplus nord n10 5g case

This case follows the same design language as the Spigen case included in this list of Best Case and Covers For OnePlus Nord N10 5G

It is made of shatterproof premium TPU and Polycarbonate material which will protect your phone from all kinds of small bumps, falls, scratches, resistance to tear, and dust accumulation.

It has a rather different and good-looking cutout for the fingerprint scanner on the back. Looks and feels premium in hand

The biggest reason for me to add this case to this list is the option to choose between 4 different colors: Black, Gray, Navy Blue, and Red

So you can get your premium case in your favorite color.

13. OnePlus Nord N10 5G Case with Belt Clip

oneplus nord n10 5g case with belt clip

Cases with Belt Clip give the advantage to clip your phone to your belt and are suitable for going out, traveling, working, climbing, cycling, and traveling.

The case is made of PU leather exterior to protect your phone from minor bumps and falls

To wear it, you can choose the belt loop option or clip to your belt with the durable belt clip, waistband, or inside your handbag’s pocket

The magnetic closure flap latches securely shut after you slip your phone back into the pouch. This is a great added feature.

I would still recommend you to use a regular case with this belt clip phone pouch if you are quite clumsy with your phone.


Cases and Covers are some of the most important things to keep our smartphones well protected while giving you a premium feel.

Everyone has their own priorities when they are looking to get a case for their phone. In the above article, we have gathered some of the Best OnePlus Nord N10 Back Cases that you can buy in 2021

We have recommended based on different styles, usability, protection levels and even to keep your OnePlus Nord N10’s premium looks

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