Step by Step: Manual Update Software of Any OnePlus Phone

how to manual upgrade oneplus mobile

OnePlus usually rolls out the update to its users in the form of incremental update. This helps the company to track the feedback of the users as it rolls out to more and more users.

But sometimes you just don’t want to wait and jump right into upgrading your phone’s software to enjoy the latest features

This article will give you a step by step guide on How to manually update your OnePlus Phone to its latest software build

The long waits for such incremental updates can be solved with the help of a manual upgrade as discussed further in this article

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What is a Incremental Update?

As stated above OnePlus tends to push its new software in the form of incremental update.

Why does OnePlus does that? To prevent and see if users face any issue with the update.

Pushing this update incremental (i.e to a small amount of users) will help the Oneplus Team to understand if there is any kind of big issue or not.

If they find a big issue, the updates will be stopped in order to prevent users getting a buggy software update which will make you unhappy, of course.

So after OnePlus has assured that there isnt any major bug in the updates, the software will be pushed to everyone.

What is the Timeline of These Updates?

oneplus timeline

There isnt a specific timeline given by OnePlus, when pushing these incremental updates.

OnePlus ensures that users will be given the update in a few days of time. But thats never the reality.

The users chosen are random and from different regions. This results in other OnePlus users to stay patient for the update to come automatically to their phone

These following manual method is safe and should follow the step by step guide to upgrade your OnePlus software.


Even though you will not lose any data when doing manual upgrade, it is recommended from us to take a full backup of your OnePlus device data as a safety measure.

Step by Step Method for Manual Software Update of Your OnePlus

You can manually update to the latest update by downloading an app called “Oxygen OS Updater” (Link Given Below). You can follow the necessary instructions to update your phone:

1. Go to Google Play Store and Download Oxygen OS updater

oxygen updater

2. After installation of the app, launch the app: You will be greeted with a Welcome Page

3. You can read all the pages as you need and swipe to the left until you get to the “Choose your device” page.

4. On the “Choose your device” page, select our device from the drop-down list.

The correct phone will likely be already be selected if it has detected your smartphone. Swipe left.

oneplus local upgrade step 1

5. You may see a warning about root access. You don’t need root access for this, so simply close it.

6. Then go to the “Choose your update method” page, select the “Incremental update” choice. Swipe left.

7. Then you should see a big red checkmark which states if you want to help the developers or not, you can say yes or simply skip this and start the app.

You are ready to go!

oneplus local upgrade step 2

8. Now you can use the Oxygen Updater to download the latest update file for your OnePlus device

oneplus local upgrade step 3

9. Once it’s downloaded, you will shown a small “Install Guide” which you can read or simply swipe and close the guide.

Then go and open your phone Settings and head to System -> System updates.

oneplus local upgrade step 4

10. Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose “Local upgrade”

oneplus local upgrade step 5

11. You should see a ZIP file with the word “OxygenOS” in it(the one you just downloaded). Tap it and give permission to install it.

oneplus local upgrade step 6

12. You’ll get a notification that you need to reboot once it’s done installing, which you should do by hitting the button.

13. Your phone will reboot, and you should be on the latest version of Oxygen OS.

The file Oxygen Updater downloaded will also be auto-deleted. So no need to do it manually. You can always run a manual check if you like.

Now simply to confirm you are running on the latest update, go to the Settings -> About Phone and check your build number

Enjoy the New Update!

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Q1) Is it Safe to Update Manually via Oxygen Updater?

The Oxygen Updater is one of the most commonly used apps used by OnePlus users to manually update their phone to the latest versions.

As we all hate waiting, this app allows users to safely and manually update to the latest Oxygen OS software.

However, this method is dependent on you as well. Make sure you don’t do any manual error that may cause problems.

Q2) If I don’t update Manually, Will I Receive the update automatically?

Yes, you will be getting the regular updates automatically if not done manually.

As stated above, there isn’t a specific timeline from OnePlus as to when your specific device will get the update. But usually, it takes around 1-2 weeks for all the users to get the latest update from the company.

If you are skeptical about the manual updates, you can always wait for the automatic update to come by for your phone and then update to the latest Oxygen OS 11.

But if you cannot wait to get your hands on the latest Android 11 and explore through the features, then fire away and get it done manually from the above given steps

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Q3) Why are OnePlus Dialer, Message, and Contacts App not available with the Oxygen OS 11 update?

Since the Launch of Nord, OnePlus has removed its own OnePlus dialer app, messaging app and contacts app.

While the company advertised its biggest collaboration with Google, the OnePlus users were quite unhappy about it.

Unfortunately even after updating to the Oxygen OS 11, you will not be getting the default OnePlus apps and have to use the Google apps instead.

We will be bringing an alternative way to download all the default OnePlus apps on your smartphone in near future, you can stay tuned via our Telegram channel to stay updated

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